Transformative Social Protection in Indonesia

Preliminary Research Activity to Formulate a Concept Note on Transformative Social Protection in Indonesia

Research Time Range :  April – May 2010

Abstract :

In 2010, Inkrispena released the preliminary research to formulate a concept note on Transformative Social Protection.

This research used literature approach.

This research is made in order to define and to rearrange transformative social protection. In this paper we will set forwards our critics on the present concept of social protection.

This paper will be divided in three main parts. The first part will discuss definition and concept of social protection along with its applying instruments. In the second part, we will explain about the concept and implementation of social protection in Indonesia, which will be conclude with tentative conclusions, where we will set forth our critics on social protection concept. In the third part, we will develop a systematic conception about social protections.

In this paper we will not going to make improvement to the existing concept of social protections, but we will make a radical conversion to the present concept. This paper is our initial effort to review and analyze the existing social protection problems. Then, this paper is a new step that must be supported by subsequent efforts in developing a radical conception of social protections.

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