Consumption Pattern of Female Labor (Family)

Quantitative and Qualitative Research on “Consumption Pattern of Female Labor (Family)”

Research Time Range : July – December 2010

Abstract :

In 2011, Inkrispena released a report on Consumption and Income of Household Women Workers in Indonesia. This report is based on a survey of patterns of consumption and labor income in 5 industrial cities in Java in 2010. Through this research, Inkrispena trying to get a picture of the pattern of workers’ consumption related with the absence of social protection that provided by the state. This research was conducted with quantitative and qualitative methods and involve enumerators who came from the union itself. Respondents and informants in this research all of them are women.

The result of this research shows that the income of workers in Indonesia is insufficient for a decent life. It was then coupled with the absence of social protection provided by the state, at least on four things: food, education, transportation, and healthcare. It was led to wages in real terms is always down because of the pressures of daily life needs are increasing. Consequently, the worker’s family are always in a cycle of debt and poverty. It shows the fulfillment of human rights in the area of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Indonesia has not fully run by the state.

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